Dolce e caffè, olé!

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Classic Tiramisu
Classic Italian Elegance in Every Bite. $12  Add Amaretto +$6

Red Fruit Panna Cotta
Traditional Italian dessert, from the Piedmont region, similar to a flan due to its smooth texture, but its flavor is more milky, covered with a forest fruit coulis to give that sweet and refreshing touch. $12

Pistachio Tres Leches Cake
This authentic Pistachio Tres Leches cake is light, fluffy and absolutely delicious, soaked in a blend of 3 different milks. Decorated with chantilly cream and crushed pistachios to give that crunchy touch. $12

Classic Tres Leches Cake
Indulgent Sponge Cake Soaked in Three Creams. $12

Our Classic Pavlova. $12

Passion Fruit Mousse
Refreshing dessert with a spongy consistency prepared with mango and passion fruit pulp, inside vanilla sponge cake with passion fruit and mango syrup. A crunchy vanilla sable base. $9

Lingotto al Cioccolato
Decadent Chocolate Bar Delight. $9

Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie Delight, Tart and Sweet. $9

Focaccia Alla Nutella
Nutella Bliss on Freshly Baked Focaccia. $18

Calzone Di Nutella
Pocket of Joy, Filled with Nutella.  Small $18. Large $28


1 Shot $3.75 / Doppio Espresso $4.25

1 Shot $3.75 / 2 Shots $4.00 / 3 Shots $4.50

1 Shot $3.75 / 2 Shots $4.00 / 3 Shots $4.50

2 Shots $4.25 / 3 Shots $4.75

Chai Latte
Warm, Spiced, Creamy Chai Latte $4.75

Bold, Balanced Cortado Coffee $4.25

Delight Sweet Coffee $6.00

Iced Latte
Cold and Refresh Latte 16oz $5.50 / 24oz $6.50

Iced Cappuccino
Cold Cappuccino 16oz $5.75 / 24oz $6.75

Add Flavors: vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, lavender for $0.75 | Substitute Milk: almond milk, oat milk $1.75 | Espresso Shot $1.50


Zesty lemon embrace, a sip of sunshine. $6

Homemade Flavored Water
Infused Refreshment, Straight from our Kitchen. $14

Sparkling Water
Effervescence in a bottle, a sparkling touch. $6.50

Iced Tea
Cool and Refreshing Tea Elixir. $5

Coca Cola
Classic Cola Refreshment. $5

Diet Coke
Crisp, Refreshing, and Sugar-Free. $5

Sprite Soda. $5

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